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Inklusiv skat, og levering udregnes ved kassen
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Letter from the founders

// This is TAMEKO. TAMEKO is us. The result of a collaboration between two individuals, whose paths crossed in Copenhagen. Joined by our much adorned design talent we are bringing fabrics to life. Fabrics for life.

TAMEKO dream was first caught in 2021. And ever since that moment we sleep, eat and live with the fabrics we create. This journey took a while before we got here, but what a journey it was! Today TAMEKO is officially born. And this is our first collection that we share with you. We are thrilled to have you join us on this adventure from the very beginning. Feels truly special to introduce our fabrics to your life.

We make fabrics for life. For the late mornings. For the crazy dinners. For the September chills outdoors. For the unpredictable every day.

// Made to last and love.

From us to you.
Dominika & Chim